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Cowboys 3-0
I guess this is where all other non-mavs stuff belongs

this is the year
"And Peja with the dagger."-balldontliez on 11/15/10 when Peja hit a 3 to put the hornets up 84-75 with 9 MIN LEFT!  Guess who won the game?  That's right, the mavericks." -msu15
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(09-24-2019, 06:41 PM)balldontliez Wrote: cant wait to see how they disappoint us this year

well that didn't take long
"And Peja with the dagger."-balldontliez on 11/15/10 when Peja hit a 3 to put the hornets up 84-75 with 9 MIN LEFT!  Guess who won the game?  That's right, the mavericks." -msu15
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(09-24-2019, 06:41 PM)balldontliez Wrote: cant wait to see how they disappoint us this year
Nailed season same Cowboys crap as usual...
Josh Green is a top 5 Mavs player...
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I'm just not enamoured with Dak.  Although he got off to a great start, they played some scrub teams. As soon as the big boys arrive on the schedule, (Saints, Packers) he folded like a lawn chair.  They should be in the hunt for a playoff spot, but there are other NFC teams in the hunt as well.  They should beat the Jets Sunday.
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Josh Green is a top 5 Mavs player...
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I'm sort of new here, but since the Cowboys ain't 3-0 anymore, maybe we might could talk other things here, pertaining to gridiron football?

I mean stuff like, IDK, the Eagles imploding, the Niners being overrated, Lamar Jackson being better than Saquon Barkley, or the like.

And then there's a certain 8-2 team way up north...

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Or maybe we gotta talk about swinging helmets, WTF...

(11-14-2019, 12:08 AM)balldontliez Wrote: its amazing how they never fail to disappoint season after season

Well, there's been one constant this decade, no matter the quality of the players.

I'll clap some more...
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(10-12-2019, 09:58 AM)HoosierDaddyKid Wrote: I'm just not enamoured with Dak.  

I think Dak is fine.  But that is a salary based statement.  If the Cowboys pay him 40M a year?  I will lose my mind hating the dude.  I would choose the unknown behind door number 2 if Dak wants to make over 30M a year.  Just say "NO", Jerry!

Pay Amari something reasonable and let's unearth another QB option.  This contract will make/break the Cowboys into the future.  They already missed the window when they weren't paying him - he isn't going to get better when we can't put probowlers around him like Russell Wilson.  We saw that last year before we traded our #1 on Cooper.  He is an adequate bus driver.  Don't make the mistake of thinking he is THE reason the Cowboys win.  Overpaying him will end up gutting the team and putting us back on the 8-8 treadmill.
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Two things are apparent. The Cowboys are supremely talented.  Their coaching staff is pretty bad.  The staff got its a$$ handed to them by Belichick and company this evening.  Worst coaching season in franchise history.  What a waste.  Thank God for the Mavs.
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Garrett should have been fired years ago imo. Keeps his job because he's a Jerry Jones ass kisser
"And Peja with the dagger."-balldontliez on 11/15/10 when Peja hit a 3 to put the hornets up 84-75 with 9 MIN LEFT!  Guess who won the game?  That's right, the mavericks." -msu15
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I think unless something magical happens and the Cowboys make a deep postseason run, Garret will be out.  It will be interesting who they get to replace him.  

As for Cowboys players, I don't really have an issue with Elliott or his contract.  I want to pay Amari as well.  I don't want to pay Dak.  I think that over the short course of time since QB contracts have gone through the roof, it has been clear that almost none of these contracts turn out to benefit the team that signs them.  Most of the teams that succeed TRULY have an elite QB, or have QB's on rookie scale contracts.  Some have an elite QB grandfathered in when 20M was a lot.  10M is a lot of money in the NFL... I would prefer to have a young QB and 4 additional weapons on Defense.   How bad can Cooper Rush be with the weapons that Dak's money would buy him?  Then Draft QB's with an early round pick until you hit on one again.

I love Dak's makeup and even his physical skills.  I just don't buy into the idea that you can spend 1/4 of the cap on him and win long term.  He isn't elite.  I would tag him, try to sign him to a <30M deal, then rescind the tag/trade him if he doesn't want to do it.  Move on with a stopgap guy on a prove it deal, or go to Rush.  I don't understand with the value of QB's why we don't carry 3 regularly to develop!  It is insanity to pay them so much rather than to develop the next one.  You could make a killing simply developing them to trade for picks.  I think Bridgewater is a FA.  If he would take 20M/yr, I would go with him at half the price over a 40M Dak and not think twice.
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I wanted to throw another thought out here on the Cowboys and their QB situation...

I keep hearing that there is potential that Tua may/may not enter the draft.  If the Cowboys can verify his medical - similarly to what they did with Jaylon - and he checks out as a 1-2 year recovery?  I totally draft that guy in an early position and redshirt him.  Again, that is what they did with Jaylon, who was a guy slated for a top 5 pick before his injury.  I think because of the insane prices that QB's are able to command, the evolution of the NFL GM has GOT to be about maintaining an effective, yet inexpensive QB.  If you can do that ONE thing, you have a 25% advantage on the rest of the league.  If you strike out on someone and have to suck one year to get to the top and get another one, do it.  It is like the NFL actual can do "the process" more effectively because they don't have a draft lottery.  You can literally tank a year, trade all your expiring contracts for draft picks, take all the accelerated signing bonus hits early, lose all games on purpose, and be guaranteed a shot to draft the player you want. I mean, MIA/Oakland have literally done that in the last few years.  AND...  it has the added bonus of cleaning up your salary cap - which has carryover affect for YEARS to come.  It is amazing how few teams do this.  

But the ability to have cost control on a position for 5-6 seasons that would otherwise cost 4-10x as much?  No question that is the best way to spend the last couple of roster spots.  So you don't have an extra special teams player?  Who cares.  Kick the ball out of the end zone or punt out of bounds if you have to.  You can totally negate the need for special teams outside of a K/P.  The whole special teams unit costs less for 5 years than one season of post rookie scale contract pay.  (outside of starting lineman who block for kicks).

We are talking about other players who are (or are close to being) the absolute best at their position in the game and they make 10, 15, or in rare positions 20M.  And you want to spend 40 on a guy who isn't even getting all this talent to a top 2 seed?  No way.  If you thought he was that guy, then the coaching staff would be out on their butts 2 season ago.  Paying avg QB's elite money is death.
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Overrated Cowboys, getting their lunch money taken by the Bears. If Garrett and his whole staff isn't fired at the end of the year, then I don't know what's on Jones mind.
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Gotta get fired after this game, right?
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tbh, this game was somewhat meaningless....  The cowboys simply need to beat the eagles/redskins in the last two games of the season.  The eagles could win all the rest of their games (except that one), and they would still lose the division.  If the Cowboys lose to the eagles and are eliminated, he would be fired.  I think Jones has made it clear that for THIS season, he views the Cowboy's best chance to successfully finish the season is continuity.  I don't necessarily disagree with him.  Firing him right now would be somewhat self-defeating, and highly symbolic. 

He would certainly make a lot of fans happy.  That's why I definitely think he wouldn't hesitate to fire him if the Eagles eliminate them from making the playoffs before the end of the season.  For that to happen, they simply have to win their next 3 games (Giants/redskins/cowboys) with the cowboys losing to the Rams/Eagles.  I still hope the Cowboys pull up from this noesdive, but if not, I would love to see the axing after the Eagles game.
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Damn you guys are 3-7 ever since. 

I'm a Bears fan, and not gon' lie, it was a pleasure to deliver a good old fashioned ass whooping on "How about them Cowboys" last night. But also happy to contribute to the "Fire Garrett" cause, y'all deserve better.
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[Image: PtHbJhU.jpg]
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What happened today? I have no idea which schizo team will show up for the Philly game.
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(12-05-2019, 10:27 PM)fifteenth Wrote: Gotta get fired after this game, right?
I think it will happen now.
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