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ROSTER TALK: Mavs favs for Vogel if no HC job exists. Kyrie handshake deal?
(06-02-2023, 11:15 AM)DanSchwartzgan Wrote: ...for Phoenix and other trade targets.  Do they need to fix their cap sheet now or over the next 13 months?

One CBA nuance that may be very relevant is that the super-tight trade restrictions for teams over Apron 2 begin at the end of the 2023-24 regular season, rather than in July 2024 free agency.

No aggregation (in taking a player), 100% matching, can't offer cash.

For teams with bigger issues, they may feel compelled to make some big moves this summer. They need teams with cap room, TPEs, and expiring salary. But on the other side of those trades, you don't want to be stuck with the bad multi-year salary because it will clog your cap and probably become hard to move.

Who are the teams with biggest looming payroll issues? I know GS and LAC should have big issues. Anyone else?
(06-05-2023, 09:50 AM)mvossman Wrote: Hardy played 15 minutes a game but a lot of that was garbage time and he had a lot of DNPs.  Him getting 15 regular minutes a game would be a big uptick from what he did his rookie year.  Even with bumps in minutes for Kyrie and Green, you still have Timmy playing half his time at guard.

POA defender is another legit need on the team.  If we manage to acquire a rotational point of attack defender in addition to a starting center and forward, then I agree that there is little room for Timmy.  Its also hard to imagine we would add that many players without sending Tim's salary out.
POA defender is the reason I wouldn’t mind picking Wallace in the draft. Him and Green taking turns would be good, but it would come at the cost of someone’s minutes. I could also see the makings of an amazing G rotation with Luka/Hardy/Wallace/Green. 

Sign Kyrie for this season, get him a year past his reputation issues and trade him in the offseason for better fitting parts (I’m sure this isn’t the FO plan) before he forces a trade. 

This year, THJ for Brooks or Williams SnT just makes too much sense to me. Both teams can use THJ’s shooting and we need either one (actually both would be amazing) pretty badly.

That’s off topic, but basically THJ is an ill-fitting puzzle piece at this point. Sure we could carve out minutes for him, but that carving of minutes would come at a high price in the playoffs IMO.

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