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In Offense of Mak
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[Image: Jason+Kidd+2018+Basketball+Hall+Fame+Ens...WC0wul.jpg]
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(11-03-2019, 12:23 AM)balldontliez Wrote: howd you do the thumbs down

There’s a “post icon” section on top of the reply text box. 

Also, FYI there’s a “post subject” section too ...  which can be edited. 

No one probably remembers anymore but we used to have a dumb game a few of us would play w/ starting random side convos in the subject box back in the ez board days lol (even before yuku). Because so few people would ever noticed it.  

I vaguely remember DOCTOR LOVE, Adyer, Tarpley’s Last Hit, and myself being in on it. Not sure about anyone else. Vigg seemed to be aware of it but he’d just change everything to ‘NBA ALLSTAR MICHAEL FINLEY” or something lol.
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What happened to bdl?
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(12-23-2019, 06:43 PM)Benskix2 Wrote: What happened to bdl?
He got upset with something said in the mod forum, couldn’t let it go, deleted some of his posts, changed his name to Zero, wrote a farewell post, banned a couple mods then got banned before anything else happened.
Get more talent evaluators and more creative cap/CBA experts in the FO!
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