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Game 60: DAL (31-29) vs. DEN (41-18) | 109-118 Loss
we are now facing a similar situation as 09 imho. it's gonna be a dog fight in the western playoffs and i don't think we can make the trip any further than we did last year. we are a good team despite the 3-game losing streak (we ain't fully healthy during the span), yet we still seem to be 1 or 2 pieces away (depends on if josh can develop into a marion for us) from having a champion squad. better set our sights and expectations on the next 1-2 seasons rather than this one. 

we got defeated by denver in the 2nd round in 09, and i guess at that time no one expected us to win the championship just two years later.
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(02-17-2023, 03:59 AM)omahen Wrote: I think healthy Clippers and Suns are better prepared for playoffs.

The Clips basically reloaded their bench with higher quality guys. Amazing deals for them tbh.

I'm terrified of them even more so than the Suns at this point.
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