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Patiently, optimistically excited
Patience and optimism: 2 things the internet was not designed for. But I’m gonna give it a go on here anyway. Let’s see if it works:

1. Patience. Looks like it’s paid off in spades with Josh Green. Kid has gone from laughingstock to unlimited ceiling in, what, 6 months? With all the bashing of Jason Kidd on this board, does he deserve credit for the development of this budding star? Don’t know the answer. But it certainly happened on Kidd’s watch. Nothing against Josh or Rick (just kidding), but the dude deserved more minutes sooner. That’s how development happens. 

2. Patience. Is it starting to pay dividends on THJ? On a tear since inserted into the starting lineup. There was never any question this guy can fill the bucket. Only question was whether slumps would outnumber heaters by a mile. Jury still out on that only question. But at worst, he’s a rotation guy with the ability to be a difference maker some of the time. That’s a significant upgrade over last season, when he was bad for a bit and then out. 

3. Patience. Way too early to give up on Reggie Bullock. Mr. October he ain’t. That was another Reg. Mr. November he clearly ain’t neither. But 20 games of stink don’t erase those 40-minute-fort-holding appearances in the playoffs just 6 months in arrears. Besides, patience often pays off in this league. See 1 and 2 above. 

4. Patience. Not convinced JaVale McGee is done. Plainly his fit here hasn’t been seamless. I get the disappointment. But last season Mavs had 2 bigs total. This year it’s 4. Obviously an area of off-season focus. And last night’s game with the conference leaders exposed their lack of anyone at all behind DA. Zero defense  Dario Saric? 40% free-thrower Bismack Biyombo? Strappin’ Jock Landale? Promising JM a starting role is a head scratcher. But 20 games of the old college try isn’t too much to sacrifice for something that potentially shores up an area of weakness while depleting the roster of a conference competitor. Plus the money isn’t THAT bad. 

5. Patience. Coach Jason Kidd comes with baggage. That’s a given. But last season’s second half and playoff run constitute considerable chits. Stack em against the baggage, and he deserves a little trust early on in season 2. Are the early season disappointments of THJ, RB, and JMG his fault? Might be. But there are early season successes too. And frankly, nobody cares about pre-Christmas NBA games. It’s still the preseason for all practical purposes. Save the complaints for February, when championship-caliber teams typically start to turn it on. In November the priority should be sorting out what the roster additions can do and how the pieces fit. 

6. Optimism. Give the Jom more Spencer Dinwidde, not less! Ideally, does he come off the bench? Sure. But again, it’s early. Who cares. Dude is hitting 41% from deep despite taking a bunch of late-in-the-clock-near-desperation heaves. (Have we completely forgotten how he couldn’t shoot the ball with the Wiz?) 4.9 assists to 1.6 turnovers. Able to play on or off the ball. Suspect defensively and yet, at 6-6, able to switch onto bigger players and block the occasional 3 ball like he did just last night. (Suns quality players who are taller: DeAndre Ayton and absolutely no one else.)

7. Optimism. Hardy har har har! Of course it’s early. But optimism means assuming something better than the worst. Which is pretty easy to do watching the rook produce at a 5-point-per-minute pace. 

8. Optimism. The contract status of one Christian Marquise Wood. Does he extend? Walk? Turn into a trade piece? The loudest contributors here all think he already has one foot in free agency. Optimism doesn’t agree. If anything, the sabotaging of his playing time (or the demand that he do his defensive job, to present it in a positive light) may make his price to stay easier to accommodate. Certainly the free-agency market would be better for him if he were averaging 20 and 10 instead of 17 and 8. A few more minutes/game would likely do that for him. 

9. Optimism. The indelible defense of Maximilian Kleber. This nine-million-dollar man is worth his weight in gold. Which, if you do the math, is surprisingly close to the $9 million owed Maxi on the year. The number of guys in this league who can do what Maxi does well (spread the court, switch effectively on screens, and defend the rim)? Extremely few. And watching him do it so selflessly is pure joy for the Jom. 

10. Optimism. Hallelujah, there is some D in Doncic! If this 23-year old continues to improve, the league is in serious trouble folks. Serious, serious trouble. 

Unmentioned above is Dorian F’n Smith. Not because he isn’t rock solid or certain to improve on what has been somewhat less than his best in the season’s opening month plus. But because there is nothing whatsoever optimistic in pointing out that obvious truth, and nothing remotely close to patience to required to accept it.

The Jom, out.
Pessimism doesn’t make you smart, just pessimistic.
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Its all a bait and switch.  We are use to it.  We all know that for some odd reason the Mavs will look like they have 2 gears extra compared to pre All Star break.  Assuming they are not going to tank.

Personally...I dont see how you can play so bad then play so good.  Its happened 3 years in a row and I assume will happen this year too.

THJ still makes bad basketball plays.
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(12-06-2022, 03:15 PM)The Jom Wrote: Patience and optimism

Are you also advocating for patience and optimism with respect to owner MCuban.  Afterall, he's only owned the team since January 4, 2000.

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(12-06-2022, 03:15 PM)The Jom Wrote: Not convinced JaVale McGee is done.

Maybe one of the more controversial statements on your list but I happen to agree. I noticed Kidd had him in drop rather than at the level of the screen last time out. It looked much better but I think he was still -10 ... so still some work to do.
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