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Team Tank 2022-23
It's time. 

1) By a gargantuan margin the easiest part of the schedule, lost at least five games we had no business losing. What an achievement!
2) Luka on pace to get played into the ground, and showing evidence of giving up on his teammates.
3) Kidd not playing Wood.
4) Wood giving Kidd excellent reasons not to play him on defense.
5) Jalen Brunson? JAG. LOL.
6) Javale McGeeeeeeeeeeeeee!1!1!11!11!11!!!
7) THJ reverting to his worst tendencies, when his best was never great, plus a massive shooting stump which he may not ever recover from due to injury.
8) Bullock's shot being gone, which is normal for time of year.
9) Bullock's defense being completely gone, which isn't normal for ever, which probably means he's washed by Father Time.
10) DFS also struggling with his shooting. Good grief.
11) Spencer on his good days is a bright spot, but he isn't consistent.
12) We can't trade our picks yet. 
13) We have no trade assets. 
14) THJ and Bertans are cluttering our cap and are untradeable without including assets we can't afford to include.
15) Need to develop Green and Hardy, if for no other reason than they will be our solitary positive value trade assets by next summer.
16) IIRC, the pick is top 10 protected. That means we only have to fall two places in the tank standings to have a huge shot at retaining our pick.

Currently 12th in the tank standings, with a 6.1% chance of retaining our pick.
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I'd be on Team Tank but it's like my Ag teacher used to tell the kids when we went to the Ag "farm" to to deal with the animals, etc:

"You'd screw up a wet dream."

And that sums up my thoughts regarding Cuban.  The Mavs won the title in spite of him, not because of him.
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Whats funny is the CONSTANT defending of trading picks around here and abandoning the draft.  Its nauseating.

Look where the smartest guys in the room got us with this team!  We are stuck, lol.

No good player assets and no draft assets.  Sweet sweet job there, Geniuses lol.

This game is about having AT THE VERY LEAST players that can dribble without fumbling, catch a pass without fumbling, dont make dumb passes, arent afraid to shoot, guys that can make a shot.   The "scheme fit" excuses...or the chasing percentages arguments are not even worth entertaining...this team needs basketball players.

And, no...Im not blind to the fact that the past 2 or 3 years Mavs have started out like this and pulled it together post All-Star break when they tighten up and stop hiding lineups and plays.  Even if this team sweeps everyone and wins the Title, the roster needs to be reworked.   Its a very boring starting squad.
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Another reason for team tank: one of if not the highest rated prospects ever is in this draft, and the number two guy sounds like a sure fire all star too.

I’m not quit there yet, but definitely in favor of committing rotation minutes to Hardy and Green.
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Team tank would be continuing to start Powell and roll out THJ for heavy minutes letting him jack up whatever shot he wants.
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Somewhere @"VintagePejav2" is smilling.
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I don't know exactly what this team needs other than to be blown up and reconstructed. They suck and they have one of the best players in the league on their team.
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I'd hate it if the Knicks get pick 11, so if the Mavs plan on doing this, they better do this right.

Doesn't have to be Victor, a top 7 pick would do.
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(11-28-2022, 12:33 AM)Razzmatazz_Hopskidillydoo Wrote: I'd hate it if the Knicks get pick 11, so if the Mavs plan on doing this, they better do this right.

Doesn't have to be Victor, a top 7 pick would do.

Since the 2019 draft odds changes

11th to 4th
8th to 2nd
7th to 1st
7th to 4th
8th to 3rd
7th to 4th
5th to 3rd
7th to 4th

So on average two teams move to the top 4 each year. Don´t have to be the worst, but bottom eight would definitely help, also virtually impossible to drop from 8th to 11th.
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(11-27-2022, 07:04 PM)dirkfansince1998 Wrote: Somewhere @"VintagePejav2" is smilling.
He’s the president of team tank over on the discord and he seems pretty excited about it.
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Just checking in to reserve my seat on the team tank express.
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Nothing makes sense.  I guess we are trying to tank.
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I mean all they have to do to continue tanking is give massive minutes to THJ, Bullock, and McGee
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Drat. We just fell to 13th.
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Just super difficult to throw games when Luka takes it personal and starts to play hard on both ends.
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I just want to post that I will not look at this thread again. I know we would really appreciate the talented high draft pick we could get but we are way too good to tank especially this year when there will be so much tanking competition. I don’t want to participate in creating bad Karma for Luka. I’ll work on some healing karma for Kemba instead.
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The way forward would be pretty simple if Cuban was at all smart - 
1) Fire Nico and hire a real GM
2) Fire Kidd and hire a tanking coach for this year, then get a real coach this summer
Now, those two things aren't going to happen, but they would sure facilitate the rest of the way forward. On the other hand, Kidd is looking like the perfect tanking coach this year.

3) Get whatever value in trade you can out of Wood, Dinwiddie, Powell, and Bullock.
4) Dump McGee's contract if you can.
5) Convert Hardy into a full-time player and play the hell out of him.
6) Limit Luka's minutes.
7) Develop the hell out of Green.
8) When you need a defensive stop, put Bertans in.
9) When you need bucket, put THJ in. 
10) Limit Maxi's minutes, and don't ever play him at the end of a close game.

If this game tonight is a loss, I expect to see all of y'all in here.
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(12-01-2022, 05:32 PM)Scott41theMavs Wrote: If this game tonight is a loss, I expect to see all of y'all in here.

Nah, man. It's never going to happen. The Mavs couldn't even bring themselves to tank properly back when it was appropriate to do so. I can't imagine doing so now has even once crossed anyone's mind in the organization. 

Plus, the team was 16-18 at one point last season and made it to the WCF. This season isn't looking great right now but I'd say it's far from over. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not thrilled with where things stand, but in my view conveying that pick to NY and finally being done with the Porzingis disaster is the way forward, not attempting to put it off further.
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