Poll: Should Kammrath continue to moderate/admin?
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Yes, Kammrath should continue to moderate/admin with all of his opinions and biases.
35 79.55%
No, Kammrath should not continue to moderate/admin, his opinions and biases are a detriment to the site.
9 20.45%
Total 44 vote(s) 100%
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Should Kammrath continue to be a moderator/admin?
I'm the originator of team Kamm should not be a mod.  Weak move to make the only 2 options let you continue to be a huge jackass or disappear entirely.  I vote second option, but I'm sure most will fall for this BS and join your pity party.
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I'm completely fine with him being mod, he adds a lot, but i do think that he gets way to personal with many people and would be better changing that.
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I've got no problem with Kamm. He has some insightful posts, whether you agree with him or not. Different thought processes makes the world go round. I've seen people come down hard on him, because of a difference of opinion. That's not right.  Somebody's got to do it, might as well be him.
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I'm good with Kamm continuing to moderate. 

I don't always agree with his position and sometimes his opinions are like fingernails on a chalkboard, but he seems to always have a point and not just take pot shots on a topic.
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Team Kam forever
Not very astute ^^^^
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Why is this still on the Mavs page? Go Kamm! But lets move it to the Cave
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It's an honor to be sent to the cave
Not very astute ^^^^
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