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GAME 23: PHX (16-8) @ DAL (12-11) | 130-111 win
Getting closer to the best possible rotation. Green basically playing starter minutes. Bullock losing more and more minutes. McGee DNP coaches decision.
Remaining questions. THJ has great chemistry with Luka. Should SD move to bench. Should Green start. How does that work knowing that SD and Wood have zero chemistry. They would have to play most of their minutes next to each other.

I know that a lot of members still want to see Wood in the starting five. For now I am jumping of that train. He just hasn´t shown enough on defense to fill the role of Powell or Kleber. Mavs are asking their bigs to rotate all over the floor and he isn´t able or willing to do that.
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RE: GAME 23: PHX (16-8) @ DAL (12-11) | 130-111 win - by dirkfansince1998 - 12-05-2022, 11:02 PM

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