Poll: Who wins the Cancunie?
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Luka - Worst TD ever - good grief, man, where was the game 3 dirty work?
12 63.16%
Kyrie - way to step up, Unkie!
4 21.05%
Kidd - wait, they have to play offense too?
0 0%
PJ - magic from outside the arc, mud from within it
0 0%
DJJ - at least we can keep you for the TMLE
0 0%
Gafford - the Landlord didn't collect enough rent
0 0%
Lively - four missed shots, two missed FTs
0 0%
Green - more like "Brown" defending SGA, and I don't mean Bruce Brown
1 5.26%
THJ - nice D, there, Timmy!
2 10.53%
Exum - looked good when he played, but -6
0 0%
Total 19 vote(s) 100%
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Who evidently preferred vacation to the WCFs?
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Kyrie had a few shots in the 4th that barely rolled out and probably cost the game even with the poor FTs. 90% ft shooter went 2/4. He normally takes over the 4th. Happens, just go on to the next game.
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I disagree with the premise of these threads and therefore won't participate in the poll (no offense at all to those who do), but I want to give credit to Scott for the hilarious descriptors in the poll, lol.

"Wait, they need to play offense, too?" almost got me to vote.
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Kyrie needed to be more aggressive in that second half, period, and missed a free throw yet again. We needed to end OKC quickly to minimize wear and tear, any shot we had at the title we essentially pissed away even if we win this series. This is the first time all playoffs I would have even considered voting for him, but in context he just isn't above criticism for this one

Refs sucked again, though
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To me, this game came down to Kyrie not being aggressive enough in the second half combined with missing a ton of free throws. If Luka wasn't injured it isn't close at the end. However, they have to play 48 minutes. Killing them in the first half doesn't cut it if you can't finish.
Legler: "If Luka wins this year, against a healthy Celtics team, at his age, the league is in trouble."
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The cancunie poll cheers me up a bit. But FML can I please never see one of these again so the Mavs can go on their 10 game winning streak?
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momentum of the game changed when Kyrie picked his fifth foul. we had to keep him on floor knowing he's our most reliable 4th quarter scorer but it hampered our D bad. those late baskets were conceded way too easily which cost us the game.
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There are so many candidates for this award. But there is one who stands out for me. This one tossed the ball to OKC in the waning minutes of the game when the Mavs still had control of the game. I'm not going to deny that there are many who deserve the Cancunie. The team as a whole played tired and let the game slip away. The refs?...are letting them play. I'm not sure the fouls, or lack of, are being called fairly, so I'm not going there. These playoffs are very physical.

Anyway...my Cancunie goes to THJ for that knucklehead play--tossing the ball to OKC.
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The whole team deserves it for shooting 12-23 from the FT line. Make the FT's, that 14 pt lead won't disappear....
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