Full Version: Issues seeing Twitter Posts
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When I am on the computer there is an issue seeing the embedded Twitter Posts.
I thought there was a thread on this but I can't find it

The link is usable but there is no visual post to see without clicking on the link - A small issue I know, but when people are linking PROLIFIC Tweeters it creates a Geocache level scavenger hunt to find when the tweet was posted here verses the last 5 hours of tweets from the account.

Ain't nobody got time for that

Back to the point - any help resolving this would be GREATLY appreciated
Feed me all the info and some screenshots please...

OS, browser, and any other useful info will help me out immensely...
Sorry for the delay in this...

Windows 10 with Firefox

[Image: twitterfailpostnotkam.jpg]

[Image: twitterfailpost2.jpg]

[Image: twitterfailpost.jpg]
I get that, sometimes, but usually it's a tweet that has been deleted from Twitter. 

Would you mind clicking on them and checking whether or not that's the issue?
I can't see the Twitter links in the posted messages using my Windows laptop and the Chrome browser. I see the header with Twitter and the author but the content box is blank. If I click on the author to go there, I get an error message from Twitter. This just seemed to happen recently. 

I can see them just fine on my iPad.

Any ideas would be appreciated.